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Patrick Guetti



“I gave Chase a bit of a challenge when I approached him about training well over a year ago. I had an ‘ultimate vision’ of what I wanted to feel and look like, but really I had no idea how to get there. I wanted to lose fat, but I didn’t know the most effective ways to do that. I wanted to be stronger, but I didn’t know the first thing about weight training. I wanted to be healthier, but was ignorant when it came to the most optimal ways to feed and nourish my body.


“I feel, look, function, and sing better than ever. I am 150% addicted to this process.”

I showed up at the gym without any tools or a road map to get me to my ‘ultimate vision’. Not to mention that I also deal with receiving a different work schedule each night for the following day due to my job as an Opera Singer. Opera singing also places very specific demands on the body which need to be constantly considered when training. I thought it would be relatively impossible for me to find a trainer that would understand how to negotiate achieving my vision with the specific demands of my career, schedule, and lifestyle. I was wrong. I consider encountering Chase to be one of the most fortunate things to happen to me since I moved to Chicago.

He exudes such passion, drive, and positivity in each session. He is as excited (if not more) about my gains and personal achievements in and out of the gym. After working with Chase for the better part of a year, I had to leave the country for work for four months. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure what I would be able to do on my own with limited exercise equipment. He created several programs for me based on what I had available and coached me at a distance. I came back and had achieved some goals and was so much closer to others. I gained an incredible amount of confidence in myself. I had to do it on my own – and I could! I had knowledge and tools.

Chase has taught me to shift my focus from my ultimate fitness vision to small victories along the way, leading towards my goals. I feel, look, function, and sing better than ever. I am 150% addicted to this process. Chase’s work with me has not gone unnoticed, to say the least. It has inspired my friends, family, and loved ones to go after their own fitness and health goals – most of them with Chase’s help. I can’t really state what the most rewarding part has been so far as it’s all been such a positive journey. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”



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