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Ann Javurek



“I have been working with Chase for almost two years now. I was committed to burning calories and cardio for a long time. Chase has given me a much deeper understanding of the benefits of consistent circuit training and the impact that can have on my body and my mind.


“I am in the best shape of my life and I would not be in this place without him.”

He understands the unique needs of each of his clients. I am not someone who needs to be pushed continuously. I have always been committed to fitness, so motivation was not my barrier and Chase realizes this. That being said he sets goals for me and holds me accountable. He continually changes our routines throughout the year to keep it interesting and challenging. He is always seeking out the latest innovations in fitness and shares that with his clients. I am in the best shape of my life and I would not be in this place without him.

Chase is more than just a trainer. He is a good friend who has helped me acclimate to Chicago, assisted me with networking and always has a good brunch recommendation. I never feel like just another client where the goal is to push more classes or up-sell other services.

I never thought I would continue with a personal trainer, but my results working with Chase have made me a believer. Chase understands that fitness is about the body and the mindset and he approaches each workout holistically. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family because he is genuine and wants the best individual outcome for each of his clients.”



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