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Master The MovementsA “gateway drug” to fitness success.

Posted: June 10, 2018 by Chase Schaap - Training Tips


If you want to achieve amazing health and fitness results, mastering the basic human movement patterns (i.e. learning proper form) is a must.


The Patterns

The basic human movement patterns include the Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push, Pull, Rotation, and Gait (a fancy word for walk). Consider each pattern as its own bucket. When it comes to working out, almost every exercise can be placed into one of these buckets.

Exercise examples and their respective pattern include:

  • Goblet Squat and Back Squat (Squat)
  • Deadlift and Kettlebell Swing (Hinge)
  • Forward Walking Lunge and Reverse Lunge (Lunge)
  • Push-up and Bench Press (Push)
  • Chin-up and Bent Over Row (Pull)
  • Landmine Rotation and Lateral Medicine Ball Wall Toss (Rotation)
  • Walking and Running (Gait)


The Importance

Each pattern is 100 percent unique to the individual and not cookie cutter, as all bodies are built differently. Look around and this should make sense. Some people are tall and some short. Some people have long arms and some don’t. Therefore, it makes absolutely zero sense to assume that we should all perform exercises the same way. Doing so is dangerous and a poor strategy for success.

Learning how to master the patterns from a qualified fitness professional is also important because of one key scientific principle, kinesthetic awareness. You know it as “muscle memory.” Kinesthetic awareness means knowing (not guessing) where your body is in space, or the position of your body throughout an entire repetition of an exercise. It’s a skill that is developed through repetition. You are not born with it.

Those who achieve amazing health and fitness results know that the process is a game of skill building and that each skill is a building block toward mastery. Just like mastering the basics of any other craft, mastering the basic human movement patterns will allow them to safely maximize their fitness efforts on a consistent basis.

They also recognize the importance and value in having a qualified personal trainer by their side to point out blind spots and tailor certain exercises to their body so they develop proper “muscle memory.”

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